Match Reports

Under 10 Somerset Tournament at Shepton Mallet 04/02/2018

On a very cold Sunday morning at Shepton Mallet, a large Cheddar Valley Under 10 mixed squad displayed some very skilful hockey. Playing without a goalkeeper, the team had to defend very well during all their matches. After a very narrow defeat in their first match, 1 - 0 against Taunton Vale, they went on to win the remainder of their fixtures against teams from Bruton, Shepton Mallet, Taunton Civil Service and Chard. Well done Ben, Jake, Jack, Rose, Sophie, Amy, Leo, Piers, Issy and Hennie.Cheddar Valley Youth HC V Burnham 05/02/2017

Under 14 Somerset Tournament at Taunton 28/01/2018

Cheddar Valley entered one girls team and one boys team into the Under 14 tournament at Kings College Taunton. Our young girls team, largely Under 13, played against mixed and gjrls teams and produced some very encouraging results – 2 narrow losses, I draw and 2 wins. Particularly encouraging was their narrow loss to a very strong Yeovil & Sherborne team. In this match the Cheddar Valley players were consistent in their tracking back and channelling of players, but also produced some very good attacking moves, breaking quickly out of defence to put pressure on the opposition goal. Well played Ciara, Ellen, Ellie, Florence, Katie, Millie, Millie, Polly and Ruby.

Four of Cheddar Valley’s older and experienced players were available for this fixture and together with our skilful Under 13 players formed a strong boys squad. All players showed very good individual skills and the group’s team play showed great improvement throughout the morning. Cheddar Valley’s coaches and Under 14 manager were very pleased with the team’s performance and results - 2 wins, a draw and 2 losses.  Well done Charlie, Jim, Riley, Alex, Harrison, Haydn, Ben and Edward.

Under 9, 11 & 13 Matches V Mendip and Bruton 21/01/2018

This fixture was postponed due to very heavy rain and will be rearranged.

Under 12 Somerset Tournament at Bruton 14/01/2018

Cheddar Valley’s two mixed hockey team played some skilful hockey with both teams linking up play improving very well as the tournament progressed, resulting in some good wins for both groups.

Well done to Thomas, Fergus, James, Sophie, Daisy, Laura Ann, Millie, Matthew, George, Daisy, Ben, Phoebe and Sky.

Under 10 Somerset Tournament at Yeovil 07/01/2018

Cheddar Valley’s Under 10 mixed team worked really hard to win all their matches without conceding a goal. Coaches and Manager Dan were particularly pleased with the very efficient tracking back of all players to prevent the opposing team scoring a goal. A great morning of hockey – well done Jake, Piers, Ben, Leo, Jack, Rose, Lily Jessie and Sophie.

Under 12 Somerset Clubs Tournament at Chard 10/12/2017

Unfortunately, this tournament was cancelled by the host club due to a frozen pitch.

Under 14 Somerset Clubs Tournament at Shepton Mallet 03/12/2017

Two Cheddar Valley mixed teams played some very good hockey against some strong and experienced teams.   Both teams achieved some well-deserved wins – well done to our players.

Under 9, 11 & 13 Tournament at Mendip HC 19/11/2017

Cheddar Valley sent six teams to Norton Hill School for this fixture. This was the first competitive fixture for some of our players in our two Under 9 teams. They played matches against two Bruton teams and one Mendip team as well as each other. There were lots of energetic runs to the ball from all players and goal scoring opportunities increased as the matches progressed. All five of the Under 9 teams worked tirelessly in defence and so very few goals were scored, with most matches ending 0-0. One Cheddar Valley team did score a goal but this quickly followed by a goal from the Bruton team. A great morning of hockey from all six Under 9 teams.

Our two Under 11 teams played matches against two teams from Mendip and two from Bruton. All teams played at a fast pace, eager to score goals and so there were more goals at this age group. It was really pleasing to see both Cheddar Valley teams working hard and communicating well as a team. One team won all their matches and the other had just one narrow loss.

In the Under 13 competition, our two Under 13 teams played matches against teams from Burnham, Bruton and Mendip. Skilful play and determined defending resulted in one team winning all their matches apart from one and the second team winning all their matches and drawing one.

Well done to all our 42 players who represented the club so well in this competitive but very friendly fixture. 

Under 10 Somerset Club Tournament at Bruton 12/11/2017

On a very cold morning, with strong winds and heavy showers, Cheddar Valley’s Under 10 mixed team played matches against teams from Bruton, Chard, Shepton Mallet, Taunton Vale and Taunton Civil Service.  Despite the difficult weather conditions, there was excellent hockey played by all teams. The Cheddar Valley team were pleased with their results for the day which included a win and several draws.

Under 13/14/15 11-Aside Floodlit Fixture V Bruton 10/11/2017

This was the first 11-aside fixture for most of the six Under 13 players in the Cheddar Valley mixed team, but on a very cold evening at Bruton, they quickly adapted to the unfamiliar formation. Throughout the 60 minute match, the team defended very well, tracking back and putting pressure on Bruton’s attacking players. Cheddar Valley attacked in numbers and had numerous shots at goal but many were saved by the energetic Bruton keeper. The coaches and managers of both teams were really pleased with the work-rate of all players and how willing they were to try out new playing positions. The game ended with a 5 - 2 victory for the Cheddar Valley team. 

Under 12 Somerset Club Tournament at Yeovil 05/11/2017

Cheddar Valley’s Under 12 mixed team showed very good individual skills and worked really hard as a team to achieve three satisfying wins and a draw at this tournament.  Well done to all our players.

Under 14 Somerset Clubs Tournament at Taunton Vale 29/10/2017

This tournament was held during the school half term and because of this player availability was low. Cheddar valley entered two mixed teams. A very big thank you to our four players who had already played earlier in the tournament but stayed on to help out our second team which was low in numbers.  The Cheddar Valley coaches were really happy the performances of both teams – some really good teamwork and pleasing results – Team 1 – two wins and two losses, Team 2 – three wins and draw.

Under 10 Somerset Clubs Tournament at Wells 08/10/2017

Hosted by Cheddar Valley and very well attended by a large number of Somerset clubs, this fixture proved to a very exciting day for many of our youngest players playing in their very first tournament. Two Cheddar Valley teams took part and it was brilliant to see our more experienced players supporting their much younger teammates so well. Some good goals were scored, with some wins and draws recorded for both teams. Well done to all our players and a very big thank you to Sarah, Rhoda and Carole for all the hard work and enthusiasm you all put into running the very welcome refreshments table to raise funds for the club.

Under 12 Somerset Club Tournament at Bridgwater 01/10/2017

From the very first minute of play, Cheddar Valley’s mixed under 12 team showed some brilliant teamwork. Some great movement off the ball allowed attacking players to choose between a shot at goal or a well placed pass resulting in a large number of goals being scored. Conceding only one goal, the team won all four of their matches against Taunton Civil Service, Yeovil & Sherborne and two Bridgwater teams. Well done Ben, Fergus, Sky, Millie, Sophie, Daisy, Katie, James and Phoebe.

Under 11 & 13 Triangular Tournament V Bruton and Mendip at Bruton 24/09/2017

Cheddar Valley’s two Under 11 teams played some exciting hockey with very good skills and teamwork on display. One Cheddar Valley team won both their matches against the Bruton and Mendip sides and drew with the second Cheddar Valley team. Our other team came away with one win, a narrow loss and draw.

Our two Under 13 teams also produced some great results with one team winning all their games apart from a draw with our second Cheddar Valley team who achieved a draw and two very close losses.

A very big well done to the 28 Cheddar Valley player who took part in this fixture and to Managers Tony and Dan for their hard work and brilliant encouragement of the teams.

Under 14 Somerset Clubs Tournament 17/09/2017

Cheddar Valley sent one mixed team to Chard for the first Somerset Under 14 tournament of the 2017-18 season. Despite showing some very good individual skills, the first two matches did not go Cheddar Valley’s way – a loss to a very strong Yeovil and Sherborne team and a narrow 1-0 defeat to Chard. In the following two matches some really encouraging teamwork resulted in a draw with a very experienced Taunton Civil Service team and a 3-0 win against Yeovil & Sherborne. Well played Haydn, Ben, Ciara, Ellen, Polly, Ellie, Nini and Jim.

Cheddar Valley Youth V Burnham 05/02/2017

Under 12 Girls

This was a very competitive match with both sides getting on the score-sheet, and ending with a well-deserved victory for the Cheddar Valley team. To conclude the fixture, the two teams were mixed and there was a further period of play which involved some great attacking moves from both sides which was cancelled out by the equally impressive defending with a final result of 0 - 0.

Thank you to the Burnham team and Coach Ian for a very enjoyable fixture.

Really well played Millie, Rosie, Katie, Rosie, Ciara, Ellen, Ruby and Phoebe!

Under 10 Somerset Tournament Hosted by Chard Hockey Club 05/02/2017

Our Under 10 mixed team played three 15 minute matches against teams from Chard, Shepton Mallet and Bruton and came away with a win, a draw and a narrow defeat.

The players have been working hard at training on their tactical and positional play and it was great to see them beginning to put this into practise in their match-play. Today there were some great team goals/attempts at goal and in defence some good channelling and well timed tackles.

Well done Jessie, Rose, Ben, Jack, Alex, Leo Thomas and George. 

Under 9, 11, & 13 Matches V Bruton and Mendip Hockey Clubs 22/01/2017

Six Cheddar Valley teams took part in this fixture at Norton Hill School.
The 2 Under 9 teams played some exciting hockey, with one team winning all their matches and the other winning 2 and drawing 1.

There was some tough opposition in the Under 11 competition, but one Cheddar valley team came away with wins in all 3 of their matches and the other Under 11 team won 2 and drew 1.

Our 2 Under 13 mixed teams, including some of our newer members, played some very skilful hockey. Result for this age group were 2 defeats, a win and 2 draws.

Well done to all the players who took part in this fixture and a big thank you to our calm and encouraging team managers - Tony, Dan, Millie and Helen.

Cheddar Valley Youth HC V Bruton HC 23/10/16

Under 9 (The Blue Cats)

One of the reasons for setting up this fixture, was to give Cheddar Valley and Bruton’s youngest and newest members  (under 9’s),  another opportunity of taking part in a competitive fixture. This Cheddar Valley squad included 4, five year old players, but all team members involved themselves in two very competitive 15 minute matches. Both the Bruton and Cheddar Valley teams scored goals and there was some very energetic defensive play.

The first match ended in a narrow victory for Cheddar Valley and the second match a narrow victory for Bruton. The coaches from both clubs were delighted with the hockey on display but were particularly pleased with the enjoyment shown by all players taking part.

Well done Douglas, Florence, Lewis, Lily, Masie, and Phoebe.

Under 9

Cheddar Valley’s more experienced Under players played three 15 minute matches against Bruton’s more experienced Under 9 players.

For most players it was their second season playing for Cheddar Valley but the whole team displayed great skills and match-play. Manager Dan was particularly pleased with the teams link-up play and reading of the game. There were some really good passages of play, with accurate passing and feeding of the ball into the D. Results – 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss.

Well done Adam, Ben, Jack, Jessie, Rose, Rylea and Thomas. Great teamwork shown by all.

Under 11  

Cheddar Valley’s Under 11 mixed team played four, very competitive 15 minute matches against 2 Bruton Under 11 squads. All 3 teams displayed some great skills and matchplay and all the results were very close.

Results: Cheddar Valley – 3 wins and 1 draw.

Thank you Manager Dan and Millie (Under 9’s) and Vanessa (Under 11’s) for your enthusiasm and expertise on the sideline.

Under 12 Somerset Tournament Hosted by Bruton Hockey Club 16/10/16

Two teams entered – 1 Boys, 1 Girls

The 2 Cheddar Valley sides were full to the brim with willing and eager players. Some promising match results and spells of exceptional play while attacking left many thinking Cheddar Valley would find the backboard more. However continuous counter attacks from strong opposition left little chance for Cheddar Valley to get the goals they deserved. All continued to work hard throughout their matches and were a joy to manage.

Under 10 Somerset Tournament Hosted by Cheddar Valley 02/10/16

Eleven under 10 teams including two Cheddar Valley mixed teams, competed in this Somerset tournament organized by Cheddar Valley.

First up, was a Cheddar Valley mixed team which competed really well in the Boys section. They played 16 minute matches against strong sides from Taunton Vale, Bruton and Taunton Civil Service. The team was quick to settle, and showing good attacking and passing skills won their first match. It was really good to see this group of young players attacking well as a team and also developing their defensive skills and this was particularly evident in the second half of the match against a very strong Taunton side.

Cheddar Valley’s other mixed team played matches in the Mixed and Boys section where they showed very good teamwork, particularly in attack. They won or drew all their matches.

Well done Alex, Bethany, George, Henry, Jack, Jack, Leo, Millie, Oliver, Rose, Rylea, Sky, Thomas, and Verity. We are really pleased that you are enjoying your hockey. Some great hockey today.      

Under 12 Somerset Tournament Hosted by Yeovil & Sherborne 25/09/16

Cheddar Valley’s Under 12 Girls team showed great teamwork in all 4 matches they played. Against some strong opposition, they showed great determination, winning three of their matches and drawing one. Really well played girls.

Cheddar Valley’s Under 12 Boys team competed really well and displayed some good hockey skills against some very experienced teams.  A draw and 3 narrow losses. Well done boys!

Coaches and Manager Tony were pleased with the encouraging hockey displayed by the boys team at this early stage of the season.

Under 9 Under 11 & Under 13 Tournament Hosted by Cheddar Valley 18/09/16

Under 9

Each Cheddar Valley team had a mix of experienced Under 9’s  and players who had joined two weeks ago, really keen to play in their first tournament.

Cheddar Valley Lions, Cheddar Valley Tigers and Bruton Polar Bears all played each other twice and all teams had some wins. Every player involved themselves in the games and some of our younger new players scored goals. Well done to both teams, there was some really exciting play: all the coaches, managers and spectators enjoyed watching you play hockey.

Great hockey Ben, Jack, Jack, Maisie, Rosie, Jessie, William, Lily, Bethany, Henry, Leo, Charlie, Sophie, Henry,

Under 11

Four under 11 teams played ten minutes matches against each other ending with two  final matches - the top two teams  and 3rd and 4th playing each other.

All teams competed really well with good skills and teamwork on display. Cheddar Valley’s  results were two wins and a draw. In the exciting first and second play-off, Cheddar Valley came away with the win.

Well done, Alex, Ben, James, Matthew, Millie, Phoebe, and Sky.

Under 13

Two Cheddar Valley teams played 20 minute matches against each other and the two visiting Mendip and Bruton teams.

The matches were very competitive with all the results being very close. One Cheddar Valley team nearly won every game but had to settle for a draw when facing the other Cheddar Valley side. The other Cheddar Valley team nearly shared the same success having beaten Bruton and Mendip but were bested in their 4th match. With well worked goals from both teams and some outstanding saves from goalkeeper Jim a fantastic morning of hockey was had for players as well as spectators. Well done to all our players.

Under 14 Girls and Boys League Matches played at Chard 09/09/16

Several players were unavailable from both teams and this was reflected in Cheddar Valley’s results for this fixture. Despite playing with only six players, our girls team displayed some great skills and were unlucky not to come away with a win or a draw. The boys team attacked well but despite some brilliant goalkeeping saves, they were missing two key defenders and so results did not go their way.

Both teams are looking forward to the next league fixture where they will be determined to pick up more points.

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